Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birds of Huatulco

One of our morning walks brought a special surprise when we happened upon a Colima Pigmy Owl’s nest. 

Black-vented Oriole  decided one of the palm trees by the pool was the perfect source of fibers for its beautiful nest, so for days, CasaTulco’s guests have watched as he laboriously picks at a palm frond pulling long thin pieces of fiber, one at a time, and then flies to a protected tree across the street from CasaTulco to weave its fabulous home

     A pair of Rufous wrens have been building                                                                                             their nests in CasaTulco’s cactus garden.                                                                                     

Wildlife  in Huatulco is always abundant,  and  never more evident than during the rainy season.  The end of May brings the first rains the jungle sees in many months, and with it, life springs anew in many ways.  The foliage that was completely lost during the dormant season becomes green and abundant in a matter of days, and the birds and butterflies seem to multiply all around us.


This June, we have had several wonderful storms that have brought much needed water to the jungle around CasaTulco. Most likely we will see a few more rain storms during the first part of July, and then again, the clouds and the sound of spring water will be a memory once again until next year’s wet season.


Amazingly enough, the jungle will remain green for many months and the wildlife that depends on it, will find a way to survive the long dry stretch ahead. 


During the past few weeks, we have been fortunate to have enjoyed the visit of many of Huatulco’s endemic bird species, as well as several migrant ones that make Huatulco home for a few months every year.


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