Saturday, September 12, 2009

This week’s butterfly sightings include several West-Mexican Firetip- Mysoria affinis , Blue-collared Firetip -Mysoroa amra ,

Four-spotted Sailor- Dynamine postverta , Tropical Leafwing- Anaea aidea  and a variety of yellows and whites.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two new restaurants worth visiting  in Huatulco,  are SoƱadores and Cafe Juanita.

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SoƱadores ( Gardenia #1301, corner with Palma Real ), serves international cuisine in a casual yet polished setting.  With just a few tables in the outside patio by the sidewalk, the atmosphere is excellent for taking in a bit of Huatulco’s scene while enjoying a savory pasta dish or a fresh salad with a signature house dressing.  

Cafe Juanita just up the street on Gardenia St.  is  a new charming cafe,  offering healthy saldas and a variety of baguettes. Flavorful yet healthy choices are available to dine in, or for delivery. Beer and wine are available. Proprietor Jane keeps a watchful eye over the kitchen to ensure freshness and consistency.

The colorful cafe offers a book exchange program, and wi-fi connection.  A great addition to Huatulco’s restaurant scene!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Angel Butterfly

The local name for the amazing White Morpho Butterfly ( Morpho polyphemus polyphemus ), is Angel. It is the perfect name for this beautiful creature that appears out of nowhere gliding through the air with ease and elegance, and has a wingspan of approximately eight inches.

This week, three of them have graced our garden, and a couple more  were spotted in the quiet road behind our neighborhood,  that leads to the golf course in Tangolunda Bay.

They fluttered in our presence for a few seconds,  and then just as magically they disappeared back into the lush jungle leaving us with a joyful  sense of peace and wonderment.